Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Sussex Police in Pork Sword Horror

Commenting on the resignation of a police officer after admitting he'd moonlighted as a prostitute while on sick leave and during off duty hours, Sussex Police Federation said that he had chosen to 'fall on his sword'. While it's good to see Plod Fed keeping close contact with their members, and acknowledging the blatant disregard of softer targets - such as references to shiny helmets or truncheons, the Federation's response still begs important questions: did those concerned come quietly? And was he a fair cop?

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Mark my words: when Harry met Sally and the puppy

The first session with the puppy trainer was a strictly no-dog, owners only affair, with some great advice and a couple of ground rules. First off, ahead of next week's first real lesson, he emphasised the need for all the pups to be trained to respond to a 'marker' word - something short, that you can add some 'zip' to was his recommendation. And the chosen word for added zip? 'Yes'. This has to be used to reinforce good behaviour or a task properly carried out - such as sit or stay, only puppies don't understand too many words, so a good zippy 'Yes' keeps them on task and on side. We take our pup out for an early morning toilet session around 4.00am; which is when I discovered that zipping a few 'Yeses' together makes the garden sound like the venue for an al fresco after dark orgy. Oh, yes, yes, yes...